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What is IT support?

What is IT support?

In this article, we will define IT support and explain what IT support means to an organisation or business.

IT stands for information technology. IT support is also known as technical support.

IT support is the person, team or organisation you call when you run into a technology challenge, question or issue.

Organisations rely on IT support to diagnose and resolve their technology problems.

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What does IT support do?

IT support addresses everyday hiccups, such as resolving a login or printer issues, and much more, including:

  • IT network configuration, monitoring, maintenance and optimisation.

  • Preventing IT issues to avoid downtime and improve productivity.

  • Setup, installation, and configuration of new equipment.

  • Fixing technology-related devices.

  • Continuous improvement of IT.

  • Cybersecurity to secure digital assets and prevent cyber incidents.

  • Data backup and recovery.

  • Quickly responding and resolving IT requests.

  • Providing help to non-technical computer users.

  • Trouble-shooting, recommending problem-solving steps.

  • Training users on how certain technology works.

IT support: Project work

IT support also plans and executes one-off IT project work, before maintaining that same technology or standard, such as:

Who provides IT support?

IT support is provided by whoever responds to your IT query. It could be Dave in accounts, who knows a bit about computers, and has become the ‘go-to’ person. But typically, it is either your in-house IT department or an outsourced IT company.

It is unlikely that Dave from accounts has the skill set to adequately support a modern-day, digital business. Today, every business relies heavily on IT. IT is complex, and incorporates many disciplines, from networking to cybersecurity. The various IT disciplines cannot be mastered by one person, let alone an individual that has a full-time position in a different role.

It’s also unlikely that a small or medium-sized organisation has the resources to employ an IT expert or team. Or, to have the time or skillset, internally, to resolve complex IT issues, typically faced by a small business today.


IT support for small and medium-sized businesses

This is why many small and medium-sized businesses outsource to an IT company like Superfast IT.

For a monthly fee, organisations get instant access to a team of IT experts.

Outsourcing to an IT company is like having your own IT department, with access to highly skilled IT managers and security consultants, but at a fraction of the cost of hiring an internal IT expert or team.

And this is without any of the employer responsibilities.

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