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What's not included in IT support?

What's not included in IT support?

IT companies offer a variety of IT services. These can be split into two main areas: IT support and IT project work. In this article, I list the most popular IT project work we deliver, outside of our IT support managed agreement.

Many small and medium-sized businesses opt for outsourced IT support as part of a managed service agreement. Managed IT support means having unlimited access to an IT company to tackle day-to-day tasks, challenges, or mishaps such as password resets, advice, and troubleshooting as well as looking after the businesses' ongoing IT health, for example, ensuring security updates are made. Managed IT support pricing is charged at a fixed, monthly fee.

If you are comparing IT companies, it is important to know what is included with your IT support in your monthly cost. Next, it is vital to understand what is not included. This is where my article focuses. Outside of IT support, is IT project work. IT projects are delivered separately to IT support and are typically customised to fit the business's individual needs.


IT project and consultancy services


Within the IT sector, IT companies have different specialisms with expertise varying from business to business. In the video above, James explains what IT services Superfast IT provides outside of IT support which includes:


Can we take care of all your IT needs?

Yes. Superfast can take care of any business IT needs. Many businesses based in Stourbridge, Birmingham, Dudley, Coventry, Warwick, Bromsgrove, Worcester, and Wolverhampton trust us to take care of all their IT needs; from the day to day niggles, through to major technology upgrades and IT infrastructure projects.

Not every IT company can tackle every issue. If you work with an IT consultant, it is likely they will have to outsource help to fill their knowledge gaps. IT companies with bigger teams are more likely to have a wider range of specialisms.

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Cloud computing

We find cloud solutions that fit your business needs and budget, supporting our clients the entire way.

Whether you are a small business considering moving to Microsoft 365, or a medium sized business looking to upgrade your server, we can help to modernise and future-proof IT infrastructure and operations.

While COVID19 has accelerated the application of cloud computing to enable remote working, the long-term benefits has seen more businesses embrace cloud solutions to reach their long-term business goals. Businesses switching to the cloud can take advantage of flexible scalability, better security, a simple pricing model, and better efficiencies.

We take the time to walk you through the entire process; from consulting and advising, planning and installation, to providing a fully managed service to look after the virtual infrastructure. Understand the benefits of cloud computing vs traditional IT in our guide.

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Microsoft 365 licensing

We help businesses move to Microsoft 365 and take advantage of the cloud-based apps and storage in OneDrive. We can even add your monthly Microsoft 365 bill to your monthly IT invoice so there is less paperwork and fewer invoices to process. We can help you to :

  • Choose the right package
  • Migrate emails and documents
  • Train staff members on how to use OneDrive and where to save documents.

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Connectivity, WiFi, internet and 5G

The Federation of Small Businesses has found:

  • Small businesses risk being held back by poor broadband connections
  • 39% of small businesses that believes their existing connectivity and internet is insufficient to meet their current needs
  • 68% of small businesses have unsatisfactory download speeds

Having technology that is quick, responsive, reliable and accessible remotely is key to maximising productivity, performance, and growth. 

Our aim is to provide connectivity and internet solutions that are affordable, reliable, and scalable. We work with various suppliers in the West Midlands and Birmingham - utilising the infrastructure available in the local area to find a solution. Providing a secure, super-fast business internet connection that enables you to flawlessly use digital tools, without lag or frustration.

Whether you're looking at improving/upgrading your internet connectivity, need to link multiple sites or upgrade to 5G, we can help.

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We offer two cybersecurity packages, designed for small businesses in Birmingham and the West Midlands. Alongside this, we can help organisations to pass Cyber Essentials accreditation.

cyber security packages

We have developed two cybersecurity packages; core and enhanced. The Core package is included in IT support but is the very minimal level of security we would recommend. The Enhanced package is an ideal level of security for a small or medium-sized business and includes additional features such as additional data back-up checks and cyber awareness training for staff members - cyber-attacks are typically caused by staff cybersecurity unawareness.

Cyber packages


Cyber Essentials Accreditation

We help many West Midlands businesses certify their business for cybersecurity. The UK government-backed Cyber Essentials Accreditation is a great place to begin and also helps organisations comply with supply chain security requirements. We can help organisations to identify gaps in security and put measures in place to pass and become certified.

Once you have passed, your business will be safe in the knowledge that your data and your client's data is secure to a level recommended by the UK government. It can also help to impress prospective clients.

If you want to go the next step further, we have helped clients to reach ISO 27001, which is an industrial cybersecurity accreditation standard.

Cyber Essentials


Check your IT company's security credentials

The National Cyber Security Centre warns that some IT providers may have great IT technical knowledge, but not a great understanding of cybersecurity. It is recommended to check that they have passed Cyber Essentials certification.


Cloud telephone

A popular solution since lockdown, cloud telephony enables even small businesses access to phone features previously only affordable to enterprises. We have helped clients save as much as 50% on telephone bills after they have transferred to cloud telephone systems, so it is well worth considering a permanent move.

Cloud-based phone systems have revolutionised the telecomms industry, replacing old hardware with cloud software that uses VoIP technology and the internet to make and receive calls. VoIP uses devices like computers, smartphones or other mobile devices and the internet to make the calls instead of traditional telephone wiring.

The cost effective cloud telephony also boasts many additional features. This can include call recording, video calls, teleconferencing, voicemail, instant messenger, SMS messaging, alongside analytics and integrations features. It is suitable for both home and office use, supporting remote and hybrid working.

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Looking to improve your productivity?

We can help access where automation can be added across your IT systems and wider business to replace repetitive manual tasks with automation. One of our most experienced IT consultants will help you to identify manual intensive tasks and find software or hacks to speed up processes across your business. Free time to concentrate on more important tasks and remove human error. Your processes are unique to your business, and we find a solution that works well for you. Get in touch to have a conversation about streamlining your work.

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IT infrastructure


We can help you to select, order, install, build, maintain and back-up data from on-premise servers. It is important that your servers and network infrastructure is robust enough to properly support your business. We appreciate that if a server goes down, businesses stop working, which is why our experts can help to properly maintain and fix issues. We can perform system diagnostics, replace parts, and audit our work so that paperwork is up-to-date. If you are ready to upgrade to cloud-based server storage, we can help you move to the cloud.


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Network cabling

We can help complete the physical cabling and wiring around your office. Old or unorganised network cabling can cause ongoing IT issues. What is most important is to have an IT infrastructure that is robust and fit for your business. We can design, install, replace and move structured network cabling. Whether you are beginning from scratch in an office move or updating existing cabling, we can help.

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IT equipment

Laptops and computers are commodity items nowadays. So while we can't offer huge discounts, what we do have is:

  • Established relationships with reputable suppliers.
  • Can make sure that you are ordering the right equipment for your needs, so you do not buy 'over-spec' products.
  • Save you time in ordering and setting up new equipment.
  • When we can, we order in volume to provide some discount.

IT consultancy

We offer IT consultancy for clients seeking IT advice and recommendations. Whether it is an ad hoc project or ongoing support, we can find a solution customised to your needs. Before we begin, we learn about your business and goals. We provide impartial advice so you understand the viable options available. Our team has a wealth of experience and can provide realistic solutions to you. By the end of the process you will become fully informed, all while keeping your business objectives in mind.


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