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    Business IT support costs calculator

    Whether you are new to outsourced IT support, looking to switch suppliers or just curious, budgeting and pricing is an important factor.

    How infuriating is it when you are looking for the price of something online and cannot find it anywhere? Well this is common in the IT support industry. We have found that being open and transparent from the start helps our clients to be well informed as they begin to explore whether they want to switch IT suppliers.

    Here is James' answer to one of our most frequently asked questions; how much will our IT support cost?

    How much will our IT support cost?


    In this article we will explore in more detail:

    • Factors that affect IT support cost
    • How much does IT support cost?
    • IT support calculator
    • IT support contracts
    • Rolling contract or fixed term?

    Factors of IT support managed services cost

    Number of users

    How many IT users do you have in your business? This includes remote workers. Anybody who has an account for your systems is counted as a user, even if they share a device.

    Number of work stations

    How many workstations are in your business? To you, this will be the number of computers, rather than the number of employees.

    Number of servers

    How many servers are in your business? Are they onsite or cloud based?

    The complexity of your IT infrastructure and applications

    IT infrastructure is composed of:

    Hardware - servers, personal computers, routers, switches, and other equipment.

    Software - applications used by the business, such as Microsoft 365, web servers, content management systems or Sage.

    Networks - the way computers communicate; their digital interconnections for the purpose of sharing resources.

    IT infrastructure can be traditional (physically based in your office), cloud, or hyperconverged (managed using a single interface).

    Your security requirements

    Each business will have different security risks depending upon their individual vulnerabilities. You may only need a basic level, but this will depend upon what your business does, the data you store and your industry. For example, IP theft would be a great threat in the engineering and manufacturing sectors, whereas accountants and recruitment businesses hold huge amounts of data; financial and personal.

    Level of support

    Whether you need support 8am - 5pm, on weekdays or 24/7.


    The cost can differ depending upon the physical location of your business. Businesses based in central London will pay the most expensive rates in the UK, as you can imagine. 

    How much does IT support cost?

    We have created a pricing webpage to provide you with an idea of costs for a variety of packages. However, a fully managed IT service, offering fast response rates and a strategic technology partner should cost between £30-50 per user, per month. We have posted more details about the cost of IT support in Birmingham, with a comparison against those considering hiring an in-house IT specialist.

    If you're looking at cybersecurity costs specifically, we have created a cybersecurity cost guide.

    IT support calculator

    We use an IT support calculator to work out how much IT support may cost your business. It is based upon the multiple factors, as mentioned above.

    Book some time with our experts to talk about pricing and to get a quote.

    Schedule time to discuss pricing

    However, we need to carry out an in-depth technology assessment, and visit your locations to provide an accurate IT support quote.

    IT support contracts and payment

    The IT support industry has various payment options, depending upon the support you need:

    Support by the hour:

    Ad hoc and pay-as-you-go. Call on a support IT business as and when you need them, paying for their time at an hourly rate.

    Support bundles:

    Purchase a bundle of hours for a discounted rate - use as and when they are needed, then purchase your next bundle when your hours are up.

    Fixed rate, contract:

    £20/month, per user
    Pay monthly, per user for unlimited IT support. We say unlimited, but costing around £20/month per user, the suppliers are limited to the service they can provide. Often described as 'reactive' and with slow response times, you can expect to be waiting some time for your ticket to be resolved and there are likely to be hidden costs, for example, for call outs.

    Fully managed service:

    £30-50 per month, per user
    This is the package we offer because we want to deliver a fast response rate and take pride in delivering a high level of customer service.

    Project work

    Cost based upon the project
    Every now and then, you may have a big technology project. This could include replacing your server or moving to the cloud. We also assist clients with their digitalisation strategy and implementation. This type of project will not be covered in a managed service agreement. They will be quoted as projects, as they don't happen often and often require senior IT technicians to their technical nature

    IT support: Rolling contract or fixed term?

    If you have a fully managed service or fixed rate contract, then you will either be in a rolling contract or fixed term. To leave a rolling contract, you normally only have to provide a months notice.

    Fixed term contracts will typically last 12-36 months. 

    At Superfast IT, we offer rolling contracts to all of our clients.

    We prefer not to tie you down into long contracts that seem impossible to escape. Our contracts are on a monthly rolling basis with a months’ notice period. 

    The monthly rolling contract means you’re free to leave at any time and aren’t tied into a long-term commitment. If that doesn’t suit your business, we can also provide you with a contract length of your choice such as one to three years, fixed contract.

    All our invoices are billed monthly. Our support helpline is open from 8am-5pm Monday to Friday, excluding bank holidays. For an additional cost, we can provide a 24/7/365 support contract if that suits your business requirements.

    What next?

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