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Cybersecurity awareness training

What is cybersecurity awareness training?

Cybersecurity awareness training is the formal education...

What is Phishing?

A recent survey reported that 90% of organisations had been subject to a phishing attack. You may...

What is Cyber Essentials?

Cyber Essentials is a simple, yet very effective scheme backed by the UK Government. It is designed...

What is malware?

Short for malicious software, you may have heard the term malware used when it comes to computer...

What is CAPTCHA?

What is CAPTCHA and why is it used?

Which Microsoft 365 plan should I buy for a small business?

Comparison of Microsoft 365 plans

Initially released in June 2011, Office 365 has become...

How much does IT support cost in Birmingham?

If you are in business in the Black Country, Birmingham or the West Midlands and you are looking...