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What’s included in our enhanced cybersecurity pack and why?

What’s included in our enhanced cybersecurity pack and why?

James explains what is included in our Enhanced Security Package in the video below:

Why should I adopt the Enhanced Security Package?

Cyber threats are continually evolving. Technology does not stop moving. In a world that increasingly relies on being connected, the associated cyber threats can quickly escalate.  

Cyber criminals continuously find new ways to exploit individuals and businesses. This is why have changed our approach to cybersecurity. We now provide two proactive security packages. They have been specially designed for small and medium sized businesses, based in the West Midlands.

Demonstrate to your customers that you are committed to cybersecurity with our Enhanced Security Package.

As a part of your Managed IT Service with Superfast IT, you can choose from two cybersecurity packages:

Core cybersecurity package




We strongly recommend upgrading to the Enhanced Security Package. It is robust and ideal for SMEs. In this guide, it is detailed how the Enhanced Security Package covers the three main cyber weaknesses of SME’s.

SME’s three main cybersecurity defence weaknesses 

We have found that there are three main weaknesses to a small businesses' cybersecurity defences:

  1. Lack of security awareness amongst staff
  2. Inability to detect and respond to cyber-attacks
  3. Not thoroughly testing disaster recovery plans

Our Enhanced Security Package addresses all three of the above issues, and here's how:

Address lack of security awareness

Cyber Awareness Training and simulation

This is a preventative measure. People are often the weakest link in cybersecurity defences, and a general lack of security awareness amongst staff is a real problem. 

To address this, we've included ongoing security awareness training.

We deliver the training electronically by enrolling your team into carefully crafted online courses. The courses teaches employees the skills they need to protect your business, and it's delivered in bite-sized chunks.

Each five-to-ten-minute module has a quick test at the end to check their understanding, and we further test their skills through simulated phishing attacks.

Each month we give you a report to let you know which staff have completed their training and those who may be susceptible to being tricked.

With security awareness training, your team will incrementally improve their skills and better protect your business.

How SMEs can detect and respond to cyber-attacks

For many years, businesses have built their first line of defence through with a firewall, anti-virus and a backup solution. But today, many cyber-attacks are sophisticated enough to bypass these basic security precautions.

What has previously worked is no longer enough. Security improvements can be made to be both proactive and reactive, to maintain the same standard you have come to expect. And it is actually much more budget friendly to solve this issue before it happens, especially knowing that nearly one quarter of UK small businesses would go bust if they had a breach and 16 per cent of firms would likely be forced to lay off staff in the event of a hack.

This is why we recommend dark web monitoring and endpoint detection and response in our Enhanced Security Package. These are both proactive ways of addressing cybersecurity.

Dark Web Monitoring

To guard against those who use the same password on multiple sites and who have had passwords compromised, we include monitoring the internet for stolen passwords to get them changed.

Endpoint detection and response

The next component of the Enhanced Security Pack is security incident detection and response.

We will deploy advanced endpoint detection and response software to each of your computers to detect cybersecurity attacks and stop them in their tracks.

Using this software, our security operations centre monitors the processes running on your machines to identify and remediate any threats.

When malicious behaviour is detected, the system will roll back files to previous safe versions by tracking your devices' changes.

This solution's providers are so confident in their ability; they provide a one million dollar warranty to cover ransomware costs in the unlikely event that they can't protect or remediate against an attack.

How we address the next issue:
Testing disaster recovery plans

Disaster recovery testing

The crucial third component of our Enhanced Security Pack is server disaster recovery testing.

Once a year, we'll take your server back-ups and use them to create a virtual copy of your IT systems in our data centre.

Doing this provides you with the added reassurance that we could use your back-ups to get you up and running in the shortest possible time if the need arose.

What Next?

So now you know the main benefits of opting-in to the Enhanced Security Pack. With the Enhanced package:

  • Your team will be better prepared to protect your business from a cyber-attack.
  • You will have an advanced system to detect and protect against cyber-attack.
  • And you will have the peace of mind that comes from knowing we have carried out a full disaster recovery test using your server back-ups.


Pricing for the Enhanced Security Pack is calculated based on the number of people, workstations and servers you have, so you'll only pay for what you need.

To get a tailored quote for Enhanced Security, email us at support@superfast-it.com.

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