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Implementing instant feedback

Implementing instant feedback

Customer feedback is essential for any business. Gauging satisfaction levels can guide you in making improvements that positively impact your bottom line.

Watch the video below for a quick intro to implementing instant feedback, or read on to understand:

> How instant feedback works
> Why it is useful to your business
> Who should use instant feedback
> Where and when it can be used
> Can you automate instant feedback into your business’ processes
> What applications are available

How does instant feedback work?

We use one-click, instant feedback after every completed job. It is a traffic light system that is instant, easy to use and allows our clients to rate our service by simply clicking a smiley-face; green for good, amber for neutral or red for bad. After clicking one of the images, there is also the option for additional feedback in a comment box.

Why is it useful?

Collecting any kind of feedback will ultimately help a business to improve their customer service and identify issues. However, there are a number of advantages to using one-click, instant feedback:

  • Feedback is made in the moment, when the experience is fresh
  • Customers are more likely to leave feedback straight after the experience
  • It’s quick and easy and won’t take up much of your clients time
  • A comment box option, provides the opportunity to gain more detailed feedback, should the customer want to provide extra details
  • It can often be automated, requiring minimum maintenance once it has been set up
  • Any issues are identified early and can therefore be addressed early
  • Ideas are often born out of feedback, enabling your business to quickly adapt to your customer needs
  • Demonstrates that your business is open, listening and care about your customers or clients experience
  • Great way of recognising team members positive feedback internally. Sharing positive comments will also benchmark best practise to your entire team
  • Adding a tick box for permission to share comments enables you to share customer recommendations on your website and social channels
Using instant feedback as customer recommendation to share on social media

Who should use instant feedback?

Instant feedback is useful across most industries and to many departments, be it HR, marketing, sales or customer services. If you are passionate about delivering top customer service and improving your business offering, then this tool is invaluable. Indeed, some of our clients have asked us to implement this simple feedback method to gauge real-time feedback with their own customers.

When and where can it be used?

This will depend upon your business and industry. If you are reading this article then you probably have an idea of where it could be applied to your business already. However, as a general rule, they can be used after the completion of a process, project or job that entailed interaction with a customer or client.

Get creative! Look at all of your business processes and consider where instant feedback is appropriate …

  • Maybe once a new employee has completed their onboarding
  • After a client appointment, meeting or quarterly/annual review
  • Or once a product has been delivered or installed
  • After a ticket or job has been completed

Can instant feedback be automated?

Yes potentially, but it will depend upon your IT system. Our systems allow us to automatically send a message when a ticket status is marked as ‘complete’. You should contact your IT support team to find out.

If your system doesn’t allow this, then you should be able to do it manually in Outlook. For example, you could have a standard email (or part of an email) which you send out once you have completed a process. Or you could have specific email signatures for specific points in a process.

What applications are available?

There are a number of instant, traffic light or thermometer, customer satisfaction feedback tools available. These integrate with a wide variety of platforms. Customer Thermometer is one such option, and one of the most popular. We advise that you begin there if you’re looking to add the functionality to your outlook email signature. More information can be found on their website: customerthermometer.com.

We are also happy to help our clients integrate Customer Thermometer into their existing systems and business processes. Get in touch if you’re an existing client and looking to implement an instant feedback tool.

More useful information and #ITtips can be found in our learning centre.

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