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Accessing remote and onsite IT support services

Accessing remote and onsite IT support services

When faced with an IT issue, how do you inform your IT support that you need help? What is remote IT support and how do you access remote IT support? In this article we explain:


How do I access IT tech support?

The main ways to access IT tech support is telephone and email:

0121 309 0090

Non-urgent IT support requests - email

For non-urgent IT support requests, email is the simplest and safest way to access IT support with Superfast IT - support@superfast-it.com. Here are a few examples of non-urgent requests:

  • Email - block a spam sender from emailing
  • Email - check an email for legitimacy (security)
  • Email distribution-list access
  • File/folder access – requesting access to a particular folder that is currently locked.
  • Set up a new starter, who starts employment in 10 or more days

Urgent IT support requests - telephone

When IT support is needed quickly, we are on hand to take your call in a matter of seconds by calling 0121 309 0090. Please call us when you need urgent help. The majority of calls are answered within 10 seconds. Here are a few examples of urgent IT support requests:

  • Server or Internet is down
  • Cannot send or receive emails
  • Business operations are hindered due to an application or program not working across the business
  • Computer or laptop is not switching on 

Escalating an issue

You will also have access to a dedicated primary technician, our service manager, and our directors as escalation paths.

Web chat, website forms and apps

IT support, at its core, is a customer service department. Much like customer support in any industry, IT support is accessed in two main ways; telephone and email. However, many businesses now utilise digital platforms such as web chat, website forms and apps.

At Superfast IT, telephone and email are the best ways to access IT support. We have made this decision for security reasons. If you contact us by web chat or website contact form, you will asked to email your request so that we can verify your identity.

Guidelines and procedures for accessing it help and support

When you call or email here is what to expect:

  1. Call or email us


    0121 309 0090

    When you call Superfast IT, expect to speak to one of our friendly team members within seconds. We will acknowledge and log your call straight away so we can begin dealing with your request. Alternatively, email your request.

    If your computer is running slowly, we will ask you to restart your computer as this is typically our first troubleshooting action.

  2. Receive ‘IT Support Ticket’ email notification

    Following your call or email, you will receive an email ‘IT Support Ticket’ notification confirming that we have logged your IT support request.

    Via the ‘IT Support Ticket’ email, you can check the status of your ticket or open new tickets at any time by visiting our online portal. At this point, if you have any further questions or information, you can email details to support@superfast-it.com or call 01384 880660.

  3. Receive remote or onsite IT support

    Following receiving the ‘IT Support Ticket’ email notification, an IT technician will contact you to fix the problem within the timeframe agreed in your SLA (service level agreement). View our blog about IT support response times for more information about our typical response time and how we prioritise requests.

    Most IT challenges can be resolved remotely. Our IT technicians will contact you to gain remote access to your computer in this instance. Not all IT issues can be fixed remotely, for example, computers not switching on or replacing server parts. In this instance, we will organise a site visit or a time to collect broken equipment.

How to access remote support

In order for our team to support you remotely, we ask that you download a small file to your computer (PC or Mac). If you are unsure how to download the file, then our friendly team can provide step-by-step instructions when they call.

We recommend minimising or closing any files/programs that contain sensitive data prior to our team gaining access to your computer. During the call, our IT technician will ask to access your computer remotely to fix your issue. The downloaded file will provide our technician with temporary access to your computer.

You may see your mouse begin moving around by itself once the technician has remote access to your computer! Also, at the top/centre of your screen, an icon/banner will indicate which technician has access – this will disappear once remote access has ended.

Our IT technician will stay on the phone for the entire time that they have remote computer access. The Superfast IT technician will inform you once the session is complete, and remote access will end.


What is remote IT support?

Remote IT support means getting IT help virtually. An IT support technician does not need to be physically present or in the same room as you to fix an issue. This is particularly useful as virtual/remote IT support can be provided while working at home, in the office or on the road.


Why do IT departments and IT companies use remote support?

The digital/online nature of businesses means IT support teams can solve IT problems remotely without being at your desk. Our figures show that 95% of IT problems are resolved quickly and efficiently through remote IT support. This figure has steadily risen over the past 10-15 years. The 5% exception includes servicing large equipment based onsite such as servers needing maintenance or parts replacing.


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