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Wolf Run for Autism West Midlands

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Team Superfast are the fastest in IT support, we pride ourselves on that! We train hard and practice tirelessly to keep fixing computers and solving problems faster than anyone else.

But how fast can the Superfast IT team run?

We like a jaunt round the local park. We consider ourselves fit. We think we could be tough competition.


So we thought we’d try a run. But liking a challenge, we’ve not chosen to run on a track. We have not even chosen to run on a road or a cross country path. We have instead chosen to take on the 10km Wolf Run.

The Wolf Run

For those of you who are not familiar, The Wolf Run is a 10km journey through a cross country assault course. We will be running through overgrown fields, jumping rivers, and vaulting hedges, wading and crawling through mud pits. Then we will swim murky lakes and rivers. When we finish the swimming and our kit is soaked and muddy, we will pull ourselves up walls, fighting through brambles and dragging ourselves through dark tunnels over mud and rocks until we finish the whole 10k. The wolf run is a test of endurance and is designed with lots of fun surprises like electric wires and cold showers to test that endurance along the way.

Team Superfast are running as a pack of seven, aiming to raise money for Autism West Midlands, which assists all people on the autism spectrum with the specialist care and support they need to lead fulfilling and rewarding lives. They offer support for those with autism to live independently, as well as activities and assistance with finding and keeping a job. 60,000 people in the West Midlands are autistic, and the knowledge and support that Autism West Midlands offers for these people is invaluable.

Please support us!

If you would like to support Autism West Midlands by sponsoring our wolf run, you can do so via our Just Giving page.

You can follow our training and offer encouragement on twitter with the hashtag #SuperfastWolf.

If we survive the gruelling course we hope to take part in future years, maybe one day you’ll be joining us on the course!

EDIT: Superfast IT went on to successfully run the course raising money in the process, thank you to everyone that supported the Superfast IT team!

Learn more about us

Giving back to charity and our local community, throughout the Black Country, Birmingham and the West Midlands, is one of our business' core values. Learn more about us and our values.

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