Mark Poulding

BT switch off analogue phones

Technology constantly moves forward and this is true for our phones systems and business telephony. Some time ago, BT announced that they were retiring their PSTN and ISDN network, becoming end of life by 2026. This means that if you use analogue, traditional landlines or ISDN in your business, you will have to move to cloud telephone (VoIP) by December 2025.

Here is everything you needs to know about BT switching off analogue telephones and what your business should do if your phones, fax, fire alarm or payment machines currently use telephone landlines. Our video and guide explain:

What is the PSTN network?
What is the ISDN network?
When is PSTN and ISDN being switched off?
Why is BT retiring PSTN and ISDN?
How will it affect my business?
How do I switch to VoIP/cloud telephone?
VoIP: Opportunity to improve business operations
How can Superfast IT help?

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