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Superfast IT team ‘Thrive at Work’ through wellbeing accreditation

Superfast IT team ‘Thrive at Work’ through wellbeing accreditation

Superfast IT has achieved ‘Thrive at Work’ accreditation; a structured, workplace health and wellbeing accreditation programme, backed by the West Midlands Combined Authority (WMCA). Superfast IT recently collected the award from the Mayor of Birmingham, Andy Street, in a virtual awards ceremony to celebrate the achievement:

Thrive at Work Foundation certifies the Birmingham IT company’s commitment to improving employee wellbeing and marks a pinnacle step in Superfast IT’s journey to achieve Thrive at Work Bronze level certification.

Thrive at Work Awards video coverage:


Video footage of Sharon Lindop, Thrive at Work Accreditation ManagerWest Midlands Combined Authority and Birmingham Mayor, Andy Street handing Superfast IT Thrive at Work Foundation Award. View video transcript.

Healthier workforce = Improved productivity

The UK economy loses almost £92 billion every year in ill-health related absence and presenteeism in the workplace, while it is estimated 40% of sick days taken in the West Midlands are related to a mental health problem.

Through the accreditation, Thrive at Work helps businesses foster a healthier and happier workforce to improve productivity, reduce absenteeism and ultimately improve economic success. Businesses can assess their current position, including calculating the cost of absenteeism to their business, before developing a practical action plan as part of the accreditation. Organisations can set the level they want to achieve and work at their own pace to implement the criteria.

James Cash, Founder and MD of Superfast IT explains:

"We have always provided additional health benefits, but our focus on wellbeing began during COVID19. It was a challenging time and we identified that we could do more to keep our team happy, healthy and productive.

"We found Thrive at Work provided a safe and anonymous way for our team to feedback any concerns and worries. We now have a full picture of what we are doing well and identified initiatives to further support our team.

"Diet was identified as a concern, so we swiftly changed complimentary unhealthy Friday McBreakfasts to a healthy lunchtime alternative. Simply signposting to our existing benefits was also effective.

Mental Health an Productivity pilot copy“I’m really pleased that Thrive at Work has also introduced us to Mental Health & Productivity Pilot (MHPP) scheme and we will shortly be working with a Mental Health Employment Liaison Worker from Mind to address workplace stress. 

“We have received invaluable help and guidance from Thrive at Work, with Mitzi Donovan offering excellent guidance to our Mental Health First Aider, Sue Lynch throughout the entire process. We cannot thank Mitzi and the team at WMCA enough.” 

Thrive at work certificateMitzi Donovan, Thrive at Work Accreditation Officer explained:

“This is a significant achievement! Superfast IT has worked hard to accomplish the Foundation accreditation, fostering a positive working environment that will no doubt allow the organisation to thrive. Sue has been instrumental in achieving this and was an absolute pleasure to work with. 

“There is a strong business incentive to better support your employee’s health and wellbeing needs. Productivity is reliant on employee health and wellbeing and it’s fantastic to see a small business such as Superfast IT take such a proactive approach. Staff who feel that their employers are proactively supporting their physical and mental health feel better valued and more able to manage any existing conditions with their work. Superfast IT is a really great company and it’s so nice to see they have embraced their Foundation Level Achievement.”

The National Institute of Clinical Excellence (NICE) estimates that implementing interventions to promote staff wellbeing could save employers between £130 and £5,020 per participating employee, by reducing absence or illness at work.

West Midlands businesses can sign up to Thrive at Work for free via their website: wmca.org.uk/what-we-do/thrive/thrive-at-work/


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Video transcript:

Sharon Lindop: Good afternoon and welcome to the Thrive at work well-being award celebrations. Due to all of the uncertainties with COVID, we've decided to do another virtual event this year, but by no means, we will try in this virtual world to really recognise your achievements and celebrate your successes.

Andy Street: And then over to a very different sector, back to the West Midlands, of course, Superfast IT Limited - an IT computer support company, serviceable company with 12 employees and the person whose name is in light is Sue Lynch. And I see Katherine is on the screen therefrom Superfast IT, giving a little round of applause. Thank you very much as well.

First thing to say is once again, congratulations to all our winners. Secondarily, thank you Sharon to you and all the professionals because one of the themes this afternoon is the professionals are there to help you through this process. And of course, thirdly I hope what today has done is given everyone confidence that if they're just starting, as one of the first observations said, the support is there to push forward. And if you're already at foundation or bronze level, next year we will be celebrating many more higher levels. And we've heard a few very clearly committing to silver and gold. Ultimately, that's all about the greater well-being of our citizens and our employees, so thank you for what I think is a movement that's getting real momentum. Good afternoon everybody.

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