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Join us for our next webinar: Responding to Increased Cyber Threats Following the Ukraine Invasion 

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Responding to Increased Cyber Threats Following the Ukraine Invasion 
Thu 30th June 2022
Virtual networking event 

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Attend the webinar to uncover:

  • How Russian cyber warfare and a heightened cyber threat is affecting businesses.

  • Free advice: What you need to know. How business leaders should to respond.

  • Free resources: Send your team educational information to reinforce a positive cyberculture and prevent a cyberattack.

Webinar Recording

Understand the threats by watching our webinar recording and downloading the slides.

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In a co-hosted event with Superfast IT and the West Midlands Cyber Resilience Centre (WMCRC), on Thu 30th June 2022, SMEs are invited to attend an educational session about the urgent actions organisations should take following the Russian cyberwar conflict.

Following the distressing news of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, Lindy Cameron, CEO of the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) has advised all UK organisations to bolster their cybersecurity resilience. Organisations are being asked to act now to counter the heightened cyber risk following the Ukrainian invasion.

What does it mean for SMEs?

During this webinar we will uncover the steps business leaders should take to bolster their cybersecurity resilience and understand:

  • What is meant by heightened cyber threat and the relevance of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, to UK businesses.

  • Advice from the UK Government, directed from the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) to business leaders.

  • What Cyber Essentials is and how it can protect your business.

  • What to communicate to your employees to protect your business.

  • Access free resources to educate your employees including email templates and an informative poster.

Ideal for small business owners

The online event is designed for small business owners and senior leaders. Event speaker, James Cash, Founder and MD at Superfast IT, explains: “While the cyberwar conflict may seem too far away to affect small or medium-sized businesses in the West Midlands, business owners should not be complacent.

"The UK is closer to the crisis in Ukraine than you might think - cyberattacks do not respect international boundaries. Russia has a history of carrying out disruptive or destructive cyberattacks, with international impact. Most recently, Russian-aligned cybercriminal groups, have also threatened to target countries providing aid to Ukraine.

"The risk to UK businesses is that targeted malware could spiral recklessly out of control. It's important to remember that an attack does not have to be directly aimed at your organisation for you to feel the impact. An attack inside a complex supply chain could seriously affect an organisation’s operations. You should consider how many days/weeks can you afford your business to not be operational.

"More often than not, small changes multiple to significant improvements when it comes to cyber security."

“More often than not, small changes multiple to significant improvements when it comes to cyber security, particularly when improving employee's cyber awareness. Most cyber breaches begin with an employee accidentally opening a spam file/link or creating a guessable password. This is why we are also providing free resources to educate your team.” 

The webinar will provide business leaders with key information to reduce their risk of a cyberattack and resources to educate their team.

Michelle Ohren, Head of Cyber and Innovation at WMCRC is also an event speaker. The WMCRC is part of a network of police-led centres established across the country to provide businesses and organisations with free or affordable cybersecurity guidance and services to help protect themselves from cybercrime. 

During the webinar, Michelle will offer advice about the heightened threat and how joining the WMCRC can provide the guidance, tools, and affordable services to help better protect themselves against the threat of cybercrime.

Register Now!

The webinar, Responding to Increased Cyber Threats Following the Ukraine Invasion, has already taken place. You can watch the webinar and download slides by following the link below:


Watch Webinar/Download slides

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