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No more death by Powerpoint, cyber stats and IT careers

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New useful Teams update where PowerPoint links with Teams instead of sharing screens, cybersecurity stats and careers in this weeks IT and cyber summary.

Death by virtual PowerPoint a thing of the past
Business leaders identify cyber security as an ongoing concern
2021 survey reveals cyber risks to UK organisations
Low uptake in IT and cybersecurity careers

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Death by virtual presentation a thing of the past

Suffering "death by virtual PowerPoint" will soon be a thing of the past with a new Microsoft Teams update.

‘PowerPoint Live’ feature will enable presenters to start presentations without having to share screens. It is hoped that the new functionality will remove privacy issues and improve the visual quality of the presentation.

We're hoping this new functionality will arrive sooner rather than later. Sharing screens is not ideal. Powerpoint in Teams will be interactive, meaning that attendees can click on the links in the presentation.

Source: Tech Radar

Business leaders identify cybersecurity as an ongoing concern

A recent report from PwC cites the increase in cyber-attacks and the spread of misinformation online as top issues globally for business leaders.

For many, digital transformation is underway, but the coronavirus pandemic has accelerated their move to operating online.

If more of your business is relying on digital tools, then it is a good time to check your cybersecurity. Speak to me for guidance and a solution that can be affordable and effective for an SME in the West Midlands.

2021 survey reveals cyber risks to UK organisations

A new report has revealed that almost 40% of UK businesses experienced a cyber-attack last year.

The Cyber Security Breaches Survey 2021 report, published by the Department of Digital, Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS), has also revealed that where a breach has resulted in a loss of data or assets, the average cost of a cyber-attack on a business is £8,460. This figure rises to £13,400 for medium-sized businesses.

The report also shows the cyber risk to organisations is heightened because of the pandemic, which has made securing digital environments more challenging as resources are diverted to facilitate remote working for staff.

As more aspects of businesses become digital, it is no surprise that the number of cyber-attacks has increased and has affected a significant number of businesses. Get in touch if you would like to discuss your cybersecurity. Visit our cybersecurity packages page to understand what cyber controls are needed for a Birmingham SME.

Low uptake in IT and cybersecurity careers

new report from the Learning & Work Institute shows that there has been a drop in students enrolling on ICT or computer science courses over the past five years.

There also remains a gap between male and female students in gaining digital skills and a career in cybersecurity.

This is really disappointing to hear. I have had a great career in IT and cybersecurity. I would encourage parents, teachers and grandparents to explore technology careers with their children/grandchildren/students.

While the skill set continually evolves, a career in IT is certainly ‘future-proof’. Please speak to me if you have any questions about the routes to a successful IT and cybersecurity career. The National Cyber Security Centre has some great free resources too:

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