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Flight Club #SuperFastSocial

Fight Club Darts in Birmingham Work Social at Superfast IT
  1. The first rule of Flight Club is: Superfast IT team must play virtual darts.

  2. The second rule of Flight Club is: Superfast IT team MUST play virtual darts.

  3. The third rule of Flight Club, the sad filter will be used.

  4. The Fourth rule: It’s going to get competitive!

  5. And the fifth and final rule, if this is your first time playing darts: you have to play!

Last week, the Superfast IT team was treated to an evening of fun and great company at Flight Club… And we don’t mean the Brad Pitt/Edward Norton, Soap making Hollywood version, thank goodness, but Birmingham’s own Flight Club Darts.

This is a reinvented version of darts for the 21st century. It’s fast-paced, with multi-player games that can bring out anyone’s competitive streak. Combining the heritage of darts and the warmth of a British pub, this supped-up, digital version of darts was right up our street.

As a group of gamers and tech lovers, the team was right at home. The dart-tracking technology, instant scoring, and slick user interface were something completely different to traditional darts!

The multiple-player competitions brought out the best and worst of the team! In a Kentucky Derby fairground-type game, players could move a step forward if they landed on their number, but also push opposing team members back a place if they aimed for their number!

Most notoriously, Toby brought James and Mark back a few pegs with his accurate aiming! No one can doubt his astute skill or gutsy tactics towards the bosses!

Overall, there it a fantastic atmosphere, a good laugh, and we all had a great time. Thank you, James and Mark for treating the team!

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Why so sad guys? 🤣

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