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The 5 best IT support firms in Birmingham

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Every day, Superfast-IT works with businesses in Birmingham and the surrounding areas, providing 24/7 IT support and answering their IT questions.

There are around 13,750 businesses with £1M-£5M turnover in the Birmingham and West Midlands Region1. Unfortunately, we don’t have the capacity to provide IT support to all of them, so we are often asked who are some of the best IT support firms in the local area.

You only need to search 'IT support' in Google to see that there are many IT companies based in and around Birmingham. According to the Office of National Statistics, just short of 9,000 individuals work in the IT and communications sector in Birmingham alone2. These range from small one-man-bands to large operations such as OGL who employ more than 250 people.

The proliferation of IT companies in the West Midlands can make it confusing to choose between them. Hopefully, this article will help to point you in the right direction, as we list five of the best IT support companies in Birmingham.

We like and respect many other IT support firms in the Birmingham area; here is a list of some of the IT companies we know that have good reputations in this sector:


Best IT companies in Birmingham



Small managed service provider

Best IT companies in BirminghamAbussi has been established for over 20 years. They have a team of four, according to LinkedIn. As well as providing managed IT support, they are cloud specialists, working with Office 365 and VOIP. If you're looking for a small but firmly established IT company, Abussi is worth a look in.


Small-Medium sized IT company

ATGATG-IT is another well-established firm. They have been around for 30 years, with 16 employees, according to LinkedIn. Based in Bromsgrove, ATG offers a broad range of IT services, with specialisations in disaster recovery and cybersecurity. If you want an IT company that is based in the West Midlands, and offers a broad range of services, Take a look at ATG IT.

Kimbley IT

entrepreneur and Google app specialists

IT for entrepreneurs Kimbley IT and Google apps

Kimbley IT was founded in 2009 and works with growing businesses with a sense of fun. They have a team of four, according to LinkedIn, specialising in Google Apps for Business and working with entrepreneurs.


National coverage

MET ITIf you're looking for a large IT company in Birmingham that has national coverage, then take a look at MET IT.

MET works nationwide and specialises in IT support and IT outsourcing, IT project design and delivery and expert IT advice. MET has over 18 years experience, with their team of 17, according to LinkedIn,  designing, implementing and supporting complex IT solutions and projects for organisations across the UK. They also cover cloud and cybersecurity solutions under the new brand name MET Cloud.

Solutions 4 IT

education specialists

Solutions4IT Best IT companies in BirminghamSolutions 4 IT provide a full range of IT support services. Based in Halesowen, they have been established for over 20 years and offer professional IT solutions for business as well as being IT support specialists for schools and educational organisations. 

So there are five IT support companies to consider if you’re looking for a new IT support company in Birmingham.

What makes us different?

You have a good idea of IT companies that we rate, but, how do Superfast IT stand out from the crowd?

Superfast IT

SME IT specialists and Ethical

IT companies in BirminghamSME IT specialists. Superfast IT understand what is important to a small business leader, taking pride in delivering a fast response and ethical business practises. Every service is designed around SMEs, with IT support and cybersecurity packages that are proportionate, reliable and designed to be within budget for an SME. Found out about us and see for yourself. 


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