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    A nightmare on ctrl alt delete

    Mwha ha ha! There’s some spooky goings on, and I’m not just talking about Halloween this weekend.

    IT horror stories

    We see and hear some scary IT tales. We’ve complied some of the most scary IT and cyber horror stories just for you!

    The Silence of the Lambs

    Finnish therapy centre accused of covering up cyber attack

    Computer Weekly

    Vastaamo, a Finnish private psychotherapy practice, is reported to have attempted to cover up an initial breach in November 2018 that saw its data stolen and led to one of biggest data breaches in Finland’s history.

    It is believed that their electronic patient records (EPR) system were accessed in November 2018, and attackers retained access until the middle of March 2019, when a second incident cause Vastaamo to become aware of the problem and to take corrective measures. Patients have been directly threatened by cyber criminals, and the business is facing tough questions over its business practices and possible legal action.
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    The Grudge

    45% of businesses take no action to protect themselves against cyber crime

    NFU Mutual

    A common horror story we hear is that many businesses don’t take any action to protect themselves. This research from NFU Mutual has found that 79% of the businesses not taking action, do so because they are a small business and therefore the threat of a cyber attack is lower.
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    Organisations at higher risk of cyber-attacks due to IoT expansion

    Palo Alto Networks

    The researchers have found that 89% of organisations have seen an increase in the number of IoT devices on their network over the last year, significantly expanding the attack surface area.
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    Hocus Pocus

    Nando’s cyber attack as scammers order hundreds of pounds of food on customer accounts


    Cyber criminals are thought to have used a technique called ‘credential stuffing’ where login data is stolen online and then used to hack into the person’s other accounts.
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    Risk of cyber attacks is greater when working from home believe 80% of IT leaders

    The Fintech Times

    COVID19 has created opportunity for hackers to carry out cyber crimes. Businesses are combatting rises in both phishing and vishing (voice phishing) attacks since lockdown. With further worries of employees using public wifi, their own devices and personal emails, in addition to messaging apps – all of which increase the opportunity to carry out phishing and impersonation attacks.
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    What next?

    If you’re looking to make your business cyber safe, remember to lean on an expert and ask lots of questions. Discover what cyber security best practice looks like for an SME:

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